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About Us

Gibson Plus has been trading since 1989 when the company was founded by husband and wife team Brian and Jacqui Gibson.

Since inception Gibson Plus realised that customers need labels, signs and badges manufactured to their own specific requirements and delivered to them promptly with a minimum of fuss.

The company operates from their premises in Newtownards Co Down which extend to 2700 square feet.

The team of dedicated staff follow procedures to ensure that customers receive what they want, when they want it and that all enquiries are dealt with in a friendly professional manner. All orders are checked on receipt and any queries are discussed with customers before the orders are processed onto our computer systems. Where necessary proofs are prepared and forwarded to customers for approval prior to manufacture.

Skilled technicians work on modern equipment to complete orders on time.

All orders go through final inspection to detect any spelling mistakes or errors so that they can be corrected before despatch.

We hope that this web page will give you an idea of what is available and tempt you to place an order or request a quotation. If you don't see what you want it does not necessarily mean that we can not produce it for you. Please get in touch and we will do our very best to help.

We are confident that with Gibson Plus badges you can find what you are looking for on the website to help you motivate your students and children. We offer the widest range of standard school title badges and can produce special titles for you if you require also.

If you looking for something completely different such as personalised, bespoke school badges then please submit contact us. We are a company who specialise in making-to-order. We are very keen to service you efficiently , If you require any help or have any queries, please contact us.

Sports badge - For example, Athletics Captain, Football Captain, design-your-own badges as shield badges.

Conference badges, great for extra curricular activities, enamel badges for recognition. produced in top quality hard enamel. Your own School Crest or Logo is incorporated onto an Elite Enamel Holder and the badge is completed by adding an insert with the text of your choice. Elite or standard, bars badges, blank circle badegs, start badges, activity awards, enamel shields, house intials, sports and activities badges, roman numeral displays. Can be unique and personalised designs. These badges are made of hard enamel which has a beautiful lustrous smooth finish that will last the test of time. The text and outer border of the badges are gold metal and each design can be ordered with red, yellow, blue or green enamel. Activity Awards are available in Gold, Silver and Bronze from stock.These badges make ideal prizes for competitions and events or they can be used to reward the attainment of a bronze, silver or gold standard of expertise for the various activities.

Hard enamel badges are made from stamped metal blanks. The colour is achieved by adding coloured granules, similar to glass, to the recessed areas of the badge which must have a raised metal border to avoid "colour bleed". The badges are then placed in an oven to melt the granules. After they have cooled the badges are hand polished to a smooth finish and have a beautiful lustrous appearance that never fails to give pleasure.

They are ideal for all sorts of uses including Fund-Raising, Club Membership, Marking Anniversaries, Promoting an Event, Enhanced Corporate Image, Presentations, Awards, Mementoes, Staff Seniority, Charities, School Badges, Associations, Organisations

To order online simply enter the quantities of each colour you need, the title you require and then our online system will walk you through the rest. Your current selection will appear at the bottom of this page and you can continue to add more items until you are finished.

Classic Golden activity medals awards, and superb enamel activity medals that can be custom made, bespoke badges - made to order in any design.

We continually update our range, responding to the changing requirements of schools. Merit badges have long been used to reward pupils for academic achievements. Schools are extending the range of subjects for which merit badges may be issued into sports, arts, sciences and other activities. Our range of sports badges caters for all sports played in schools, while our custom badges meet requirements which transcend our standard range.

Product List: Button badges, design your own badges, news kids badges, conference badges, elite enamel badges, standard enamel, Elite or standard, bars badges, blank circle badegs, start badges, activity awards, enamel shields, house intials, sports and activities badges, roman numeral displays and more.