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New Golden Medals (2015) design)

New Golden Medals (2015) design)




These bright new medals have an attractive gold border that will appeal to your students and wont break the budget as they are the most cost effective medals that we offer. They come with an attractive all new 4 colour ribbon already fitted to each of the 1st , 2nd, 3rd and well done medals 

Using the same ribbon for all of the medals saves us a little time in production which helps you by keeping the cost down but if you prefer to have  individual 2 colour ribbons on each medal as shown below then simply select 'yes' under the Individual Ribbons option when ordering. This will add 10p to the cost of each medal.


To order please complete the details below and "Add to Cart ". Any special requirements that you have should be entered in the "Tell us what you want" box. Your current selection will appear at the bottom of this page and you can continue to add more medals until you are finished. You will need to "View Cart" to see the complete contents of your cart and proceed to checkout. 


Price: £1.10 + vat


Select 'Individual Ribbons' for only 10p extra per medal

P&P only £3.95 = vat


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