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Woodburn LOL No787  (26mm Dia)

Woodburn LOL No787 (26mm Dia)

Minimum Order of 5

If you would like a price for your particular project, please upload, your design and details of what you want. If you can send us a previous jewel or badge it would be really helpful. Please complete the details below, and add to cart but don't worry you won't actually be ordering anything at this stage! We will provide an initial estimate and then if you proceed with an order we will produce artwork for your approval and provide a firm quotation before we proceed with production

Let us know what you want and we will get back to you with a price.

5-9 jewels £86.54 + vat each

10-19 jewels £44.50 + vat each

20-29 jewels £22.80 +vat each

30-39 jewels £16.48 + vat each

40-49 jewels £12.05 + vat each

50-99 jewels £9.89 + vat each

100-199 jewels £5.53 + vat each

200-499 jewels £3.41 + vat each

500+ jewels £1.75 + vat

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